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American V European Table Games and other variations

Ever wondered what the difference was between American and European table games, well it certainly makes sense to understand the game variations and perhaps more importantly how the odds of winning and losing vary. So, take a look at this simple guide which will give you brief understanding before you play hit the bright lights of Las Vegas or Monte Carlo.

However, if you have scoured the internet for online casino games. You may have also noticed many other variation of online table games. Here are some of the others not mentioned in the guide.

Vegas Strip Blackjack

Specifically known for its low house edge, the game is no stranger to the average casino table player. This is the most common type of blackjack; the principal rules are that the dealer must draw on everything on 16 or below and stand 17 plus. Pretty straight forward.

Blackjack Surrender

This is specifically exclusive to Playtech power casinos which have some of the best casino games and it's a pretty cool feature. All the rules are the same apart from one difference, and that is if the player is dealt a 'bad hand' e.g. 16 and the dealer's card is ten or ace up. You then have the opportunity to surrender and receive half you wager back. Good for anyone looking for those insurance side bets.

Progressive Blackjack

Progressive Jackpots are certainly more associated with Slot games rather than Blackjack, but for any big Jackpot hunter who loves a dabble in table games, this is for you! The game rules are the same as the normal game of Blackjack, however you have the chance to place a side bet which enables you to potentially win the progressive jackpot. Usually to win the big jackpot you must have 4 suited aces, obviously this is quite rare but can happen!

Blackjack Switch

This is probably the most experimental version around. Hence the naming 'Blackjack Switch', players have the power to switch each other's card. So, when each player is given two hands (two bets must be made by the player), the player can then switch any face up card which massively puts you at an advantage. However, if the dealer gets blackjack and you have it too, the dealer wins.

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